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Un llamado a la Investigación-Acción para la Transformación: los tiempos lo demandan

Translation/Traducción: Dr. Lake Sagaris, U. Chile. Autores: Bradbury, H., Waddell, S., O’Brien, K, Apgar, M., Teehankee, B., & Fazey, I. (2019). A call to Ac-tion Research for Transformations: The times demand it. Action Research, 17(1), 3- 10. “Todes hablan sobre el clima, nadie hace algo al respecto” – Mark Twain. “En la investigación participativa […]


Indigenous methodologies and ART by Joanne Whitty-Rogers.

Early in her nursing career, Joanne Whitty-Rogers, RN, PhD, a Senior Research Professor at St. Francis Xavier University, observed that Indigenous women encountered barriers to maternal care such as access to travel to healthcare services, language barriers, racism, and discrimination which often led them to feeling isolated. She went on to learn more of these […]


Peace from the Opposing Side

Can peacemakers have a positive and enduring impact on conflict situations when they are from one side in a conflict and have to overcome deep-rooted distrust of who they are? This is the issue addressed by Alexander Cromwell and Margarita Tadevosyan, who studied peacebuilding in two of the world’s most problematic areas of conflict: the […]


PAR social change in Santiago, Chile. Welcome to Dr. Lake Sagaris.

Dr. Lake Sagaris co-leads a social change lab in Santiago Chile – Laboratorio de Cambio Social, PAR – Participative Action Research – is at the heart of their work to build collaboration between university and urban community. The lab’s action research projects emphasize civic culture, mobility and sustainable urban development. Recently Lake’s lab joined our AR+ community as a stewarding organization. We share a recent […]

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