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“Difficult paths can be less difficult if patients and nurses walk together…”

This research emerged from the need of a group of nurses in improving the care of people with chronic disease, specifically patients with diabetes mellitus type 2. Despite the professionals’ effort, they were not satisfied with the results of their clients because lots of them had difficulty in controlling their diabetes as well as integrating […]


“Stay Strong, Stay Sexy, Stay Native”: Storying Indigenous youth HIV prevention activism

Taking Action II is about building Indigenous youth leadership in the HIV/AIDS movement. What is different about our approach, than say… a doctor or teacher telling us stuff? Lots of public health folks think HIV prevention is about loading people up with information and supplies (e.g., condoms or clean needles). But we noticed that this […]


Is it a Touch of Sugar?

In 2010 eight Guyanese expatriate women living with diabetes came together in a participatory action research study.  They and relatives in Guyana had brushed a diagnosis of diabetes aside as just ‘ a touch of sugar’. Interviews with Guyanese women living in London revealed that managing diabetes was a solitary endeavour, often with little guidance […]


Participatory action research with ex-prisoners: Using Photovoice and one woman’s story told through poetry

This paper focusses on the story of Deer (not her real name), a participant in my Photovoice project with 12 ex-prisoners in South Australia. People who have been to prison rarely have the opportunity to tell their stories in their own words. In particular, women ex-prisoners tend to remain silent about their experiences because of […]

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