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Action Research that includes policy makers

        We often hear that action research remains too local, too small scale.  A million dollar question is how and when do we bring the decision makers in. How does policy get made based on the action research?  Ideally combining fruitful relations with policy actors with a counter-hegemonic role? These questions are […]


A note from Regenerate Cascadia

What did you do during covid? Milla McLachlan, Alain Gauthier and Dana Carman nurtured an informal collective of a dozen facilitators and coaches, based in Portland, focused on building individual and social capacity for resilience and regeneration in the region. In the first months of 2019, drawing inspiration from initiatives such as Karen Mahon’s Climate […]


Voicing Rivers with Peter Reason

When asked what are you doing now?” Peter Reason answers “listening to rivers.” Peter Reason is an old friend to AR+, mover and shaker in the world and work of action research and key progenitor of cooperative inquiry.  We spoke recently about his cooperative inquiry project on voicing rivers in a time of climate change. […]

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