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Three stories we did not tell about NGO-Community Collaboration in Uganda

Marit Blaak, Sophia Irepu, Jacques Zeelen write about their recently published work in ARJ … “Our research took us to a village in central eastern Uganda. We identified a staggering 18 NGOs in one village and people shared a variety of perceptions about their work, largely marked by disillusionment. As part of this special issue […]


Julian Hauer’s Workshop– thinking wider and deeper

In our workshop on transformative learning spaces Julian Hauer took the participants to the heart of his inquiry by sharing his personal issues and struggles. That evoked compassionate support and encouragement for Julian among the other workshop participants and catalyzed insights and learning for him. Julian’s Context A little over a year ago, Julian encountered […]


Taking Boys Seriously by Andy Hamilton, Susan Morgan, Ken Harland in ARJ

Andy Hamilton, Susan Morgan, Ken Harland have just published a paper with ARJ entitled: Taking Boys Seriously. This action research project from Northern Ireland has spanned 17 years! Andy writes…  “The longevity of this project has made a valuable contribution to the capacity of the research to engender systemic change. By the time the Taking […]


Andrea Rodericks ART in Bangladesh

Andrea Rodericks writes “In my workshop within our coLAB on transformative learning spaces, I presented a case from my work in Bangladesh. The session was facilitated by Susanna Carman and deepened our inquiry into a familiar challenge, namely how to hold the integrity of a collaborative learning space as emergent dynamics arise among stakeholders… THE […]

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