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Connection Note on Vertical DevelopmentPhronesis 

ART Connection Notes share about impressive ART adjacent ideas and resources. They’re mostly about people doing leading edge work in the world that connects to and enriches ART as contemporary knowledge creation.    This Connection Note shares a podcast on Adult development, AKA vertical development. Two master action researchers in the field of leadership development […]


World Cafe in Taiwan business

Huang and colleagues in Taiwan aim to help businesses face their unknown future. This includes helping them become resilient regards ecological and social crisis. They argue that the public requires the kinds of deliberative democracy opportunities for problem solving that governments already avail of. For this they experiment with world cafe. Their paper is about […]


Facilitating Transformative Change for New Teachers, Gilbertson and Nicolaides

Dr. Erica Gilbertson and Dr. Aliki Nicolaides have just published a new paper with Action Research journal. They explain: “Action research is fundamentally a human-centered endeavor, so its power to facilitate change can only be fully realized if action researching leaders cultivate human relationships. This article invites you to dig deeper to the processes action […]


Children’s perspectives regarding their meaningful participation – De Kort et al.

Lead author Emmie Henderson-DeKort introduces a new paper just published with Action Research journal… “In our article we showcase passion for children’s rights and participation. It’s inspired by my amazing niece, who from a very young age allowed me to understand the unique capacities of children. Too often children’s age alone is considered to indicate […]

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