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An introduction to radical participatory design: decolonising participatory design processes

Victor Udoewa writes, by way of introducing a new paper on radical participatory design: “Outside of community-led design projects, most participatory design processes initiated by a company or organisation maintain or even strengthen power imbalances between the design organisation and the community on whose purported behalf they are designing, further increasing the absencing experience. Radical […]


Entangled Life: Insights from Amicables coLAB

Blog by Susanne Pratt, Ruth Förster and Alastair Wyllie Within the AR+ Amicables coLAB we draw on provocative books, music, films, photograph, poetry, art to inspire our action research for transformation. We have two key intentions – 1. “Being inspired by each other” in which we share what speaks to each of us, personally and […]


Reciprocity in eco-relationship

In eco-relational meditation, inspired by a quote shared by a friend on Earth Day, we are invited to contemplate reciprocity with the natural world. Ilaria Di Stefano, who leads eco-meditation** explains…“with Ada Limón, current US poet laureate, we notice: “Oh, it isn’t just me looking. It is the world and the trees and the grasses […]


Organizing Regeneration: 7 creative ways to start action researching for transformations

There’s a group of AR+ members who design and facilitate transformative learning spaces in support of regenerative organizing and leadership for sustainability. We also convene in a shared workshop setting to help one another do more effective, more transformative action research. Our intention in getting together once a month is to learn from what we’re […]

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