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Bright action researching lights amidst the turbulent darkness. Editorial last issue of 2023

In curating the final issue for 2023, I see bright action researching lights amidst the turbulent darkness of the Israel Hamas war and its global repercussioning. The five papers in this issue were all developed by and with people of the Muslim faith working with people of other faith backgrounds. I considered how action research […]


Transformation through a heartbeat: Stretching the boundaries of action research following suicide

This post is authored by Claire Ghetti, Brian Schreck & Jeremy Bennett about their recent ARJ article which was developed for publication by ARJ Associate editor, Rob Warwick.  Listen into their video discussion of the paper at the end:  The authors write: “An imbedded heartbeat within a symphony of grieving and transformation – our […]


Supporting Intergenerational ART: Workshopping with Dr. Carol Gorelick

 On October 31st 2023, our AR+ coLAB centered the inquiry of Carol Gorelick in her work on and passion for Supporting the Next Generation of Action Researchers. Carols’s opening presentation on Intergenerational Learning About Action Research is at this link: The vision is of more higher education programs producing more people with capacity for […]


The inner journey: Mindset shifts of transformation. Call for papers July 31st, 2024

Our multiplying and interconnected eco-social crises will not get solved with old ways of thinking, being and doing.ARJ Special Issue All humanity knows we’re being called to embrace change. As you and I are considering that, do we qualify it? Is it consciously or un-consciously present for everyone regardless of an individual’s resistance to change? How […]


Doing it authentically is tough! Youth on the need for radical openness in Action Research

In “Everyone’s talking about co-design, but actually doing it authentically is tough”, Carla Luguetti, Juliana Ryan, and their colleagues delve into the significance of “radical openness” in the context of youth participatory action research (YPAR). The lead reviewer of their paper noted that it “provides insight for teambuilding within the core facilitation team of PAR […]

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