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Love in the Spirit of Inquiry: co-reflecting about good men. Silvie LeMuzic for Yes/And Podcast #3

Blog by Silvie LeMuzic A group of women doctoral candidates, at various stages of our action research journeys, read Hilary Bradbury and William Torbert´s book Eros/Power – Love in the Spirit of Inquiry together as part of our book club. We see our action research as inspiring efforts to transform what no longer works into […]


Rethinking the Communication of Action Research: Can We Make it Dialogic?

Post written by Patricia Canto-Farachala and Miren Larrea Action research (AR) does not aim to examine reality, it aims to change reality and it does so through dialogue. Dialogue is at the heart of the relational, collaborative learning processes through which we engage with others to transform our spaces into better places. Why then do […]


Fun, engaging, and easily shareable? Exploring the value of co-creating vlogs with citizens from disadvantages neighborhoods

Nicole Goedhart is lead author on a paper about co-creating citizen video blogs (vlogs) that is published in the Action Research Journal. It is part of a special issue on artfulness in organizing.  Nicole writes: “What is the value of the new hype of vlogs in participatory action research (PAR)? Can vlogs facilitate the engagement […]

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