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meeting dilemmas and finding new cultures together with Naia Begiristain.

Naia Begiristain’s helped us kick off the new year in workshopping mode.  Naia led us in exploring how political actors co-create a new culture of shared governance. They do this by facing unresolved dilemmas that emerge, even if it feels like an avalanche. The preparation and facilitation within the workshop was with Hilary Bradbury. After […]


Basque Sandbox. Gender in Collaborative Governance with Dr. Miren Larrea

Our new sandbox in the Orkestra partnership with AR+ is the result of a series of processes that have been evolving very organically since 2018 This partnership began to emerge in alchemical / developmental friendship as  Hilary Bradbury and Miren Larrea reflected on  reconceptualizing the role of gender in action research as a process of […]