Collogue Webinars 2022

Action Research Transformations: A vital alternative social science paradigm at a time of eco-social crisis.   

Since the founding of Action Research journal in 2003, we have had the immodest aim to help recover and transform social science.  Our intent has been to assist the Academy, as well as the public and private sector, in discovering additions and alternatives to heretofore "ivory tower," materialist-positivist research and practice. We want to extend our conversation.

 Action-oriented Research for Transformations is successful when we're unapologetically values oriented, working to open windows into regenerative/sustainable social practice. In other words we're developing ourselves and our stakeholders as part of the work of sustainable development. For this we're integrating subjective and objective perspectives. In effect ART calls scholar-practitioners to turn the camera also on themselves to practice reflexivity. 

Our 2022 participative collogue series starts on zoom on April 1, 2022, at UTC 16.00-17.30.

Wherever you are on your action research journey, we invite you to join in!  You will receive the zoom link upon sign up, please add it to your calendar. Detailed preparation materials closer to the date. Recordings also shared after.

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#1. April 1 session:  Our 2022 participative collogue is with Bill Torbert, who advocates for an adult development approach to action research. Sharing from his latest book we get a taste of how a developmental approach interweaves first-, second-, and third-person research and practice. This interweaving is especially relevant to the practice of reflexivity, one of the seven quality choicepoints in ART.  

                    At this blog about the collogue, alongside a couple of video snippets, you get a sense of the April 1 session with its emphasis on how                       to do developmental reflexivity.

#2. August session attractors include Ken Gergen, Hilary Bradbury, Miren Larrea, Aftab Erfan as part of a hybrid symposium on the program of the Academy of Management.  Participants will learn of key conceptual underpinnings of action research for transformations (ART), namely constructivist pragmatism and adult development.  These in turn are shown to animate a meta-model that combines concern for relational, conceptual and experimental spaces, guided and assessed by seven quality choicepoints. Concepts will be brought alive with two impactful cases from worlds of i) policy makers in regional government in Spain and ii) work of JEDI (justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion) with thousands of employees in Vancouver Canada. 

#3. October session will focus on the needs of a new generation of action research for transformations and the global universities and faculty working in support.

You may also be interested in our current coLABs for 2022.  

Previous Winter Webinar Wednesdays helped warmed up the AR+Transformations Gathering. Get a taste... 

Transformative Narrative

Sessions now complete.  Read one team's co-lab report.

Co-stewards: Thomas Macintyre and Hilary Bradbury. Interview with Thomas Mcintyre about the work.

Participative Politics

Participative Politics: Cocina Popular: Irresistible Power, Connecting Global South and North

Co-stewards: Miren and colleagues at Orkestra, Hilary Bradbury.

Co-stewards Alain Gauthier, Dana Carman and Hilary Bradbury.

Million Belay

We discussed the challenges, the politics and the promises of Transformation with lead discussant: Dr. Million Belay who leads the Alliance for Food Sovereignty of Africa


Video Snippets: #MeThree

We discussed how we invite historically marginalized and/or suppressed voices of experience into collaborative action with lead discussant: Dr. Jean Hartmann.

Discuss Large Scale Action Research Transformational Challenges

We discussed the challenges of acting globally in response to the scientific findings on mass extinctions with lead discussant: Dr. Derk Loorbach who leads the Dutch Research Institute for Transitions at Erasmus U.

We discussed the need for a transformational global “sandbox” that deepens and proliferates the efforts of action-oriented researchers who tackle sustainability challenges (SDG goals). This conversation has led to the ARTists Academy, originally referred to as GULP. Lead discussants: Drs. Hilary Bradbury & Steve Waddell.

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