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Prof. Verna Delauer works with undergraduate students at Franklin Pierce University

Franklin Pierce University, a residential college campus in the northeastern U.S. Verna Delauer works with undergraduate students in a inquiry-practice lab.  Together they have been researching emerging autonomy and independence in health decision-making of students on campus.  Verna writes: “Can we be playful together? Can we make meaning together? How does my position as a […]


Building bridges by Camilla Bakkær Simonsen

Building bridges: A co-creation intervention preparatory project based on female Syrian refugees’ experiences with physical activity has just become available.  The authors invite you to consider if have been forced away from your country of origin? Or been uprooted? Can you imagine how much stress on your health such a precarious situation could inflict on […]


Join us for Tuesday Relational Meditation in July and August

In our CoCreativity CoLab, we are exploring the developmental and evolutionary practice of being in its expression as knowing and doing together. We put ARTful emphasis on intuitive and embodied ways of beautifying research–and the world. To support ourselves in this endeavor, we’re meeting beyond our CoLab sessions, in relational meditation on Tuesdays over July and August. […]


ART and Social Justice by Dr. Joan Walton.

Dr. Joan Walton is at the Institute for Social Justice at York St John University. We share her new paper on social justice and ART which developed from her decades experience with Bohmian Dialogue, inspired by new understandings in science of just how ephemeral life is. Can we incline this infinite potential toward social justice? […]

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