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Postgraduate Researcher

Call for Case Study Projects: Co-created Participatory Research for Community Action Hello all, Let me introduce myself. My name is Jade Cawthray-Syms and I’m a PhD student at University of Dundee, Scotland, UK. I’m reaching out to the Action Research community, in a bid to identify projects for my PhD research. My research is studying […]


Addressing health inequities through social inclusion: The role of community organizations

by Lynne Belle-Isle I wrote the first thoughts for this paper as part of a required assignment for a sociology class. I had come to my PhD pursuit through the work I had been enjoying at the Canadian AIDS Society, a national coalition of HIV/AIDS community-based organizations. As a non-governmental organization, we provide a voice […]


Making Change Personal – Deb Dole

Engaging communities really begins with engaging individuals. I have written recently about voice, building capacity, representing communities, and engaging communities. My own dissertation work with adolescent mothers opened my eyes to a new way of engaging people in discussion through photography. I am not an artist. I am not a professional photographer. I AM visually […]


Does the “community” really have voice? – Deb Dole

The business of health care has effectively muffled, if not silenced the voice of communities. The real needs of communities are often overlooked as health care dollars, programs and initiatives are rolled out in an effort to “fix” what is believed to be broken. The result is a labeling of individuals and communities as “non-compliant” […]