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Systems Sensing: Making what’s implicit explicit. Collective Transitions with Hilary Bradbury and AR+

  In social change, we often find ourselves facing new challenges and with increasing dynamics or greater complexity. For example, plans or strategies that once felt solid and secure, may no longer be realistic or feasible. A challenge may bring a project to a momentary standstill. As one moves from the space of “the known,” […]


Bringing the relational self to ART: Interview with Dr. Yvonne Skipper

Image of Yvonne Skipper

We are pleased to share this video with our AR+ community. Dr. Yvonne Skipper, the author of “Knowledge Mobilization: Stepping into Interdependent and Relational Space Using Co-Creation,” talks about her forthcoming Action Research Journal article, her interest in self-construal, and how building Action Researchers’ skills to move from independent to interdependent selves can make Action […]

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