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Orlando Fals-Borda’s Participatory Turn, 1977-1980 by Juan Mario Díaz-Arévalo

Juan Mario Díaz-Arévalo has published a paper with ARJ entitled “In search of the ontology of participation in Participatory Action Research: Orlando Fals-Borda’s Participatory Turn, 1977-1980.” He introduces his paper:  “My article provides an evidence-based account of the development of the “participation” concept in the thinking and practice of Orlando Fals-Borda, one of the pioneers […]


Appreciating situations of breakdown for researcher reflexivity. ARJ article by Danielle Treacy

A blog by Danielle Treacy. “In a recent cross-cultural research project that aimed to co-develop music teacher education (https://sites.uniarts.fi/web/globalvisions), I worked collaboratively with educators in Kathmandu, Nepal. I intentionally used appreciative inquiry to navigate ethical issues related to power and ethnocentrism. Long after the project had ended, unintended consequences and situations caused me feelings of […]


Shining light on the dark side of action research: Power, relationality and transformation

We know that ART has a ‘dark side’.  ARJ Associate Editors Koen Bartels and Victor Friedman have written an editorial for the latest issue of ARJ about precisely that!  Koen and Victor explain: “ART is a complex and demanding process. It demands relational, conceptual and experimental skills not usually taught together in conventional educational programs. […]


Teens Are Teaching Themselves!

Teens learning from themselves: Relationship and sexuality education gets updated! To support young people in accessing comprehensive education on both what it means to have a healthy relationship and on the important biological aspects of how sexuality and reproduction work, there’s Teen Council! This is It is ART that overcomes taboos. The Teen Council is […]


Fun, engaging, and easily shareable? Exploring the value of co-creating vlogs with citizens from disadvantages neighborhoods

Nicole Goedhart is lead author on a paper about co-creating citizen video blogs (vlogs) that is published in the Action Research Journal. It is part of a special issue on artfulness in organizing.  Nicole writes: “What is the value of the new hype of vlogs in participatory action research (PAR)? Can vlogs facilitate the engagement […]

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