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Art practice with migrant women. Mastoureh Fathi and Rabia Nasimi

 Action researchers Mastoureh Fathi and Rabia Nasimi chose to explore the notion of home for migrants through art practice. They have just published with ARJ: Art practice with migrant women: Three challenges to rediscovering home. They explain the challenges explored in their paper. “What does “home” mean for migrant women? By simply asking “what home […]


Shining light on the dark side of action research: Power, relationality and transformation

We know that ART has a ‘dark side’.  ARJ Associate Editors Koen Bartels and Victor Friedman have written an editorial for the latest issue of ARJ about precisely that!  Koen and Victor explain: “ART is a complex and demanding process. It demands relational, conceptual and experimental skills not usually taught together in conventional educational programs. […]


Action Research as sustainable healthcare quality improvement: Advances in neonatal care emphasizing collaboration, communication, and empowerment

Blog post written by Carlien Van Heerden We are passionate about survival and quality of life of the vulnerable newborn population. A particular South African district hospital faced exceptionally high neonatal mortality and morbidity rates. As neonatal resuscitation can save newborn lives when performed by competent staff in a setting that is adequately equipped, organised […]


From Cocoon to Butterfly: Use of Cooperative Inquiry Groups to Empower Practitioners in Healthcare Contexts

Blogpost by Sarah Donnelly and Sarah Morton Consider the analogy of a butterfly inside its cocoon. When we see a butterfly struggling, we are tempted to peel the cocoon off to free the butterfly so that it can fly away. But what happens to a butterfly when it does not have the necessary struggle to free […]