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Action Research as sustainable healthcare quality improvement: Advances in neonatal care emphasizing collaboration, communication, and empowerment

Blog post written by Carlien Van Heerden We are passionate about survival and quality of life of the vulnerable newborn population. A particular South African district hospital faced exceptionally high neonatal mortality and morbidity rates. As neonatal resuscitation can save newborn lives when performed by competent staff in a setting that is adequately equipped, organised […]


Co-research with people living with dementia for change

Abstract provided on behalf of the authors,  Jim Mann, Lillian Hung Research about patients with dementia in the context of acute care has been traditionally designed and carried out by researchers with little or no involvement of people with dementia. Moving away from the traditional way of conducting research on people with dementia, this study involved […]


Choosing strategies that work from the start: A mixed methods study to understand effective development of community–academic partnerships

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Abstract provided on behalf of the authors: Emily Gomez, Amy Drahota, and Aubyn C Stahmer, Community–academic partnerships are believed to increase the effectiveness and feasibility of action research. While factors facilitating and hindering community–academic partnerships have been identified, their influence on the collaborative process is unknown, especially during community–academic partnership initiation and development. This explanatory sequential mixed […]


How being appreciative creates change – theory in practice from health and social care in Scotland

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Appreciative Inquiry has been readily caricatured as slavishly focusing on the positive. Here we invite you to revisit it in the form of Appreciative Action Research (AAR). How can we have genuine hope as we seek to work through the major challenges confronting organisations and communities? How do we avoid the ‘ritual dance of attack […]


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