Transformative Learning Spaces coLAB

Designing  Transformative Learning Spaces AKA coLAB for coLABs.

By invitation only. 

Steward Hilary Bradbury

We invite our peer coLAB facilitators  - those designing and leading learning spaces within the AR+ community - to convene in a peer learning environment. Our intention is to help one another create more effective, more transformative, learning spaces. We'll therefore check in with our own practice within the coLABs we're leading. We'll also inquire into the principles and quality choicepoints that scaffold transformative learning spaces of ART and see how they might inspire our efforts too! Participants are therefore invited to bring their coLAB experience for consultation and to be inspired to experimentation with new ARTistic practices. 

During each session we will therefore work with an issue prepared by one or more of the rotating protagonist-participants.  We imagine each case can be discussed at least twice – first for learning about “current state & aspiration” and later with a debrief to reflect on which experiments worked and which did not work.

During the session we will bring an informed developmental perspective to the case. At the end of each session we will harvest lessons learned and key principles. Our intention is in learning from experience and to distill our insights in a way useful to self and others within and beyond our coLABs. Our evolving knowledge about better designed learning spaces - and how to ensure them - will help support Action-oriented Researchers for Transformation (ART) and a next generation of ARTists. 

In this coLAB, and in keeping with the spirit throughout our AR+ eco-system, we learn and practice as developmental friends to one another.

Teaching & Education Co-Lab

In this  video Claude and Hilary chat together about their earliest joint experiment with creating transformative learning spaces. What we learned there is now applied in this new coLAB for coLABs.  Claude and Hilary started their work in the context of an executive doctoral program in Switzerland in 2015.  In aiming to integrate personal development with Action-oriented Research for Transformations, the emphasis on leadership development (AKA first person work). This was considered controversial by some faculty and students. Yet that focus ended up becoming a big draw in ways that perhaps upset the applecart of a typical graduate program...listen in!

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