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Un llamado a la Investigación-Acción para la Transformación: los tiempos lo demandan

Translation/Traducción: Dr. Lake Sagaris, U. Chile. Autores: Bradbury, H., Waddell, S., O’Brien, K, Apgar, M., Teehankee, B., & Fazey, I. (2019). A call to Ac-tion Research for Transformations: The times demand it. Action Research, 17(1), 3- 10. “Todes hablan sobre el clima, nadie hace algo al respecto” – Mark Twain. “En la investigación participativa […]


PAR social change in Santiago, Chile. Welcome to Dr. Lake Sagaris.

Dr. Lake Sagaris co-leads a social change lab in Santiago Chile – Laboratorio de Cambio Social, PAR – Participative Action Research – is at the heart of their work to build collaboration between university and urban community. The lab’s action research projects emphasize civic culture, mobility and sustainable urban development. Recently Lake’s lab joined our AR+ community as a stewarding organization. We share a recent […]


What is Good Action Research: Quality Choicepoints With a Refreshed Urgency for ARJ

ARJ special

As a stakeholder to AR+ you are hopefully familiar with our journal – Action Research. Much of our blog is devoted to making journal articles available. If you’re an author, reviewer, reader of the AR+ blog, or any/all of those categories, you may be aware that our purpose since inception with ARJ, an international, peer-reviewed […]


Introducing the AR Special Issue: ART and Climate Transformation.

Hilary Bradbury - Action Research

Introduction by Hilary Bradbury Action-oriented Research for Transformations (ART) is a social learning process in which participants learn with one another. Moreover, it is a societal learning process in which stakeholders in an issue get to realize that they make up the system and therefore have the power to remake that system together. Imagine the […]


You defend what you feel: ‘Presencing’ nature as ‘experiential knowing’

Click to watch Hilary Bradbury interview Gioel Gioacchino about her work. Newly minted PhD., Gioel Gioacchino, writes about a youth-led action research process carried out in Cuba. Their action research supported a network of youth to champion sustainability in a country that is simultaneously more “sustainable” in an ecological sense than most countries, but with […]


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