A taste of Action Research Transformation

Action Research is known as a viable - and potentially vital - alternative to conventional social science in our time of institutional failure. Its popularity is growing rapidly.

Action Research Transformation (ART) directs the power of Action Research as a relational and participative approach toward transformations in our institutions of politics, community, healthcare & education. 


 Moving from power over, to power with.
Integrating objectivity with subjectivity. 

ART is about learning by doing together!

Action Research Transformations

This documentary, by Storm Cloud Media, is for educators and change leaders.

It is especially geared towards:

  • Those working in participation with stakeholders to make a tangible difference;
  • Educators and researchers who want to include informed, tangible action in their research practice;
  • Those wanting more systematic impact, who see the value of connecting their own "inner development" with the outer work of sustainable development;
  • Anyone concerned with learning by doing at this time of eco-social crisis!

The ART Documentary - trailer

Watch the full documentary, with global examples of ART!


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