Cooking with Action Research

“A testimony to the very huma​​​​n processes, the need for authentic connection, in effective action research…”

- Ernie Stringer.

Cooking with Action Research:
Stories and Resources for Self and Community Transformation

Action Research Books

Vol. 1 & 2 Available Here!

At AR+ we are thrilled to announce the launch of our latest Action Research offering: Cooking with Action Research: Stories and Resources for Self and Community Transformation and the freshly launched Resource Guide!

“There is striking coherence here in the way Action Research unlocks frozen and counterproductive organizations…”

- Davydd Greenwood.

The Cookbook — along with the companion Resource Guide — shares from inside the world and work of Action Researchers. It shows how this democratizing, people centered, orientation to inquiry & practice is helping to create a more just and sustainable world. We want to make Action Research consciousness more accessible.

Action Research Book Review

Davydd J. Greenwood

Emeritus Professor. Author: Introduction to Action Research

“The AR+ “Cookbook” subtly, and through a diversity of topics and cases, ranges across action research approaches to problems that truly matter. It presents processes that enable the stakeholders to create solutions that truly work.

There is striking coherence here in the way action research unlocks frozen and counterproductive organizations. Lurking in the background are Aristotle, Vico, James, Pierce, Dewey, Lewin, Trist, Freire, Fals Borda and Foote Whyte and many others.

Action research is not new. We have long known how to improve human situations and make organizational life fairer and more tolerable. Despite that, these chapters tell us that most of the organizations we deal with are poorly organized and inhumane. The cookbook shows that this is not how life must be lived.

It is only how life gets lived when power and resources are concentrated in the hands of the few and the legitimate stakeholders are excluded.”

Action Research Book Review

Ernie Stringer

Professor Emeritus. Author: Action Research in Education.

“A much-needed addition to the action research literature with insights that counter the soul-destroying institutional imperatives ever more evident in modern social life. A testimony to the very human processes, the need for authentic connection, in effective action research.”

Action Research Book Review

David Coghlan

Emeritus Professor. Author: Doing Action Research in Your Own Organization

“With internationally flavored recipes from The Philippines, Sweden, Turkey, Switzerland, New Zealand and Global Action Networks -- as well as a range of voices from large-scale third-person projects, to probing second-person conversational exchanges, to the revelations of first-person self-study -- this book conveys the true challenges of the actual practice of action research.

Each recipe is unique. Give them a taste! And then create your own recipes!”

Readers will find engaging accounts of transformation from the worlds of Education, Business, Healthcare, Sustainable development, as well as utopian grounding for future organizing in the overlapping spaces.

Action Research Book Review

Patricia Gayá, Ph.D.

Director of PolicyBristol, Co-Director of ARCIO and Senior Lecturer in Management at the University of Bristol.

"What a joy to discover in one volume such depth of reflection and richness of insights, spanning a colorful variety of sectors and organizational experiences!

I found the Stories chapters eminently readable and thought-provoking - like a long after supper conversation with kindred spirits who one doesn't get to see often enough, and which leaves one feeling inspired and reinvigorated.

In a world primed to need action research, much of the published work remains unavailable - book costs too high, so too the walls created by scholarly norms for writing. This book, and the global movement it represents, wants to be more popular, more accessible.

Authored by

Hilary Bradbury, Will Allen, J. Marina Apgar, Oğuz N. Babüroğlu,
Kathy Bishop, Catherine Etmanski, Martin J. Leahy, Svante Lifvergren,
Aliki Nicolaides, George Pór, Shakiyla Smith, Ben Teehankee, Bjørn Uldall,
Steve Waddell, Danielle Zandee. With Prefaces by Danilo Streck
& Oscar Jara Holliday, and Christopher Juniper.

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Please Respect Our Intellectual Property. Do Not Share These Copyrighted Resources Directly with Anyone.

The authors, all advanced action researchers, convened as the institutional founders of AR+ , came together in 2016 to learn with and from each other across boundaries of all sorts. Working on individual shoe-strings, we decided to tie our shoe strings together! We share the stories of our work to invite others to be inspired, learn some practical ways to enrich practice and join with us.

We dare to hope that the next Cookbooks will include new colleagues and more inter-generational sharing, accomplishing more good together.

Action Research Book Review

Yoland Wadsworth 

Adjunct Professor RMIT University, Australia

“"The Cookbook looks terrific! 

Many congrats Hilary and all who got into the kitchen. And a known sustainable model of energy fuel was used, the continuous energies of we living organisms always 'inquiring for life' together. Many thanks!

Action Research Book Review

Peter Reason, Ph.D.

Emeritus Professor. Co-Editor: Handbook of Action Research

“Neophytes and experienced practitioners alike will find challenging ideas, guidelines for practice and inspiration in this new collection of writing on action research.

It is exciting to see how this field continues to develop in so many diverse fields of practice and addresses key issues for our times.” 

Action Research Book Review

Professor Danny Burns

Leader, Participation Research Cluster. Institute of Development Studies

“This book is eclectic and playful. Its diversity in both style and content gives a glimpse into the many Action Research recipes that are possible. I like the focus on the conversational and the relational.

It speaks well to the relationship between first, second and third person action research and to the important balance between planned organisation and improvisation.” 

Action Research Book Review

Professor Hok Bun KU, Ph.D.

Associate Editor, Action Research Journal, Director of China Research and Development Network. Professor. Hong Kong Polytechnic U. Deputy Director, Peking U- Hong Kong PolyU China Social Work Research Center.

"As a Chinese action researcher working in communities in China, I very much share the view of the Cookbook that developing mutuality is critical to the success of good action research.

In Chinese society, guanxi (reciprocal relationship) is really the basis on which everything gets done." 

Action Research Book Review

Bill Torbert

Emeritus Professor. Author: Action Inquiry: The Secret of Timely and Transforming Leadership

“Compliments to the chef and the international kitchen in sharing how the core ingredients of action research – participation, action, research, transformation and reflexivity – provide a rich array of ingredients and accounts of practice from different settings.

As it is for all cooks, the challenge now is to create our own recipes from our own mixing of these ingredients and deliver the nourishment of participation and transformation in our universe.” 

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 6 reviews
This is terrific!

I can't remember another book that has given me so much inspiration and excitement in terms of my professional life. For starters, I absolutely love the title—it reminds me of my big fat cookbook that I acquired years ago, long before the Internet, that I continue to consult for the basics as well some very practical and interesting approaches to preparing delicious and healthy dishes.This book is very much like that—both a resource and a step-by-step guide to creating transformative change in all the areas that matter, such as higher education, healthcare, and the sustainability of our planet.Perhaps most useful is the fact that the stories talked openly about the obstacles facing the authors in challenging the dominant narrative and attempting radical collaborative approaches. Yet they also showed that it could be done, producing significant measurable outcomes, despite these difficulties. The fact that the articles were written by international teams was also heartening, demonstrating the effectiveness of cooperative interdisciplinary work around the world, especially in these dark times, where evidence of this seems scant.I can't recommend this book enough!April Boyington Wall MSW, PhDCMC (Certified Management Consultant)Toronto Canada

April - your comments make my day! Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience. I am happy - and a little relieved! - that the book's intention landed so well for you.

by Yoland Wadsworth on Action Research Cookbook

It looks terrific already! — Many congrats Hilary and all who got into the kitchen.
And a known sustainable model of energy fuel was used — the continuous energies of we living organisms always ‘inquiring for life’ together.
Many thanks!

by Dr Gosim Martin Chukwu on Action Research Cookbook

As the saying goes, ‘the taste of the pudding is in the eating’; I am looking forward to savor this epic AR CookBook.

by Joanne Preston on Action Research Cookbook

I have been waiting for this book

by Kay Farmer on Action Research Cookbook

Looking forward to reading it, many thanks for the opportunity

by Kamil Gerónimo on Action Research Cookbook

I can’t wait to devour this. Greetings from Puerto Rico. If you guys need any work regarding translating this jewel to Spanish, please contact me.

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