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Reflections on the potential (and limits) of action research as ethos, methodology and practice: A case study of a women’s empowerment programme in the Middle East

Abstract provided on behalf of the authors: Suzanne Hammad, Alice Alunni, and Tamara Alkhas This paper argues that an evidence-based approach to advocacy led by and targeting women could amplify women’s positioning in the political and economic realms. Participatory Action Research is examined as a process for mobilisation, coalition-building and evidence-based advocacy and action, through a case […]


Camera, Lights, Action: Participatory video for two-way communication in research for development

Global development objectives increasingly call for interdisciplinary approaches that respond to different development needs at the local level. In order to achieve this, research and development fields must shift from more traditional top-down approaches to those approaches that include community needs assessments and project design, implementation, and follow-up. “Participatory video for two-way communication in research for […]


How being appreciative creates change – theory in practice from health and social care in Scotland

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Appreciative Inquiry has been readily caricatured as slavishly focusing on the positive. Here we invite you to revisit it in the form of Appreciative Action Research (AAR). How can we have genuine hope as we seek to work through the major challenges confronting organisations and communities? How do we avoid the ‘ritual dance of attack […]


Work-integrated learning and health literacy as catalysts for Roma empowerment and social inclusion: A participatory action research

Roma people all over the world have often been subject to prejudice, stigma, discrimination and oppression. Many Roma have little or no education, which in combination with other factors often leads to unemployment and marginalization. Based on a case study in Sweden, this paper proposes an approach that can be used in participatory projects aiming […]


Researchers Become the Researched

Researchers become the researched

A blog inspired by Zhang, Z., Fyn, D., Langelotz, L., Lönngren, McCorquodale, L. & Nehez, J. (2014). Our way(s) to action research: Doctoral students’ international and interdisciplinary collective memory In addition to being doctoral students, six students from two different countries and 3 different disciplines share one thing in common—they all are drawn into the […]