How to do Action Research Transformations at a time of Eco-social Crisis!

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Module 1 - Available Now - Free To All!

Welcome to the starting point of the self-paced program:
How to do Action Research Transformations
at a time of Eco-social Crisis!

This program is offered to change leaders and educators, wherever they are on their journey. It’s for those who understand that our eco social crises, from Climate change to economic inequality, require transformation and are curious how their work can be informed by action research. 

Action Research Transformations becomes a lovely acronym of "ART"
and so please consider yourself an ARTist on your journey.

Nine modules, each with four components, have been distilled from a companion book How to do Action Research Transformations at a time of Eco-social Crisis (Bradbury, 2022, Elgar Publications).

All the companion self paced program content is curated by Hilary Bradbury. You will meet her, along with many other ARTists, through video snippets in each module. Also through the numerous published articles and chronicles made available throughout.

ART is multi-dimensional. It requires a mix of people skills, social science skills and willingness to help tangible change happen. We tend to get better with this over the course of our lives.

This is just the beginning...

The first module is offered freely! The full program of nine modules is designed to guide ART over minimally nine weeks, but more likely nine months and more. If you like the first module, consider coming back for the full self paced program. All modules will be released as a full program in October 2022. After completion of all modules, you can also look forward to:

  1. 1
    Developmental Self-assessment so your journey as an ARTist can continue in combining self and community transformations within your daily life as you remain at your developmental edge.
  2. 2
    Certificate of Completion that you can use to get more involved in AR+ coLABs, with a discount.
  3. 3
    One-on-one coaching available for participants who complete Module 2 and beyond.

Email with questions or concerns.

Let us begin!