Community Gathering 2023


AR+ Transformations Gathering III
November 9 - 12, 2023 in the Italian Alps

Nourishing ourselves and the soil: Developmental and Transformational.

With thanks to the Free University of Bolzano - Campus of Bressanone - Brixen

Nearest airport: Innsbruck, Austria. Take train to Bressanone - Brixen.

Some blogs and video through our Gathering and into what's next:

Gathering Program

Pre gathering. Thursday afternoon Nov 9th.  A conference program at the University with workshopping opportunities.

Gathering: Nov 10th Friday 08.15AM - Nov 12th Sunday at 13.00. Each day is a series of participative blocks of time in which “transitions” are as important as “content” sessions. The content blocks are designed and led, primarily, by AR+ members who are currently engaged in coLABs. Therefore expect workshopping on Regenerative OrganizingLeadership as Developmental Friendship that's transforming inherited supremacy dynamics, Relational Meditation, and Amicable creativity. All with a constructivist developmental flourish.

Original Gathering Design Team Intentions

1.Retreating: Quiet and exciting,
2. Gathering: Reflecting on the seasons of 2023.
3. Sociocracy in action: Shaping 2024 for ourselves individually and with one another.

Co-design process

The design team (Alessandra Piccoli, Ilaria Di Stefano & Hilary Bradbury) - with coLAB guides - helped create our participative program. Includes a hybrid program for a few hours each day.