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ARTists Transforming Action Logic

Deliberately Developmental Spaces

Adult Vertical Maturity Development – a non linear spiral   Most psychologists within the field of adult development or psychological maturity aka. vertical development seem to agree: What differentiates people’s ability to make a positive difference is not philosophy, personality, or style of management. Rather, it’s internal “action logic.” This refers to patterns of sensegiving […]


Vibrancy + “Power-with” = Sustainable World. Join FREE WEBINAR and Co-lab

Heinz Robert

    Connecting gender, vibrancy and #MeToo for sustainability?! Interested in how new gender issues play into our co-creating a more sustainable world? Or how to practice a new kind of “power-with” between women and men after millennia of “power-over”? We believe having these conversations help create a more sustainable world.       We […]


Resistant voices help us imagine alternatives. Reflecting with Timothy Pyrch

Professor Emeritus Timothy Pyrch

Timothy Pyrch is professor emeritus of the University of Calgary, Canada. He helped organize action researchers from around the world at the first academic congress in 1989. His work preserves indigenous ways of knowing the world, emphasizing story-telling. Timothy explains that in this time of social-ecological transition, we need insights that can disrupt the dominant […]


Action Research for Territorial Development: A Collective Experiment

Dr. Miren Larrea and colleagues at Orkestra, are editing a book. Your collegial input and co-production is invited. Miren and colleagues at Orkestra work with colleagues across three regions of the world: the Basque Country (Spain), Agder (Norway) and Rafaela and Tierra de Fuego (Argentina). Orkestra is part of the AR+ stewarding community. Their work, […]


Navigating the Darkness with an Inner Compass

Arsonists burned down the Highlander Center in Tennessee, USA.  It’s not the first time. They left a symbol of white supremacy in the ashes. We live now in a rising tide of uncivil society, rising nationalism and anti-minority/immigrant sentiment worldwide. How do we bring light to the darkness? Civil Rights leader Rosa Parks emphasized the importance […]

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