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Strategic Transformers: Evolving Civilization Beyond Status Quo Power Relations

Bill Torbert (known for distinguishing first, second and third person action research/practice) has spent most of his career helping leaders evolve their capacity for transformational impact (turns out the key is to integrate first, second and third person action research/practice!). “Action logic” is central in this theory of leadership development. Most developmental psychologists agree that […]


Hermosa Vida and increasing connectedness through community health partnerships

colorful painting on side of a building in a children's style--children, flowers, sunshine

Partnerships with different organizations can be enticing when we — social justice activists and researchers – plan how to reduce inequality in health. Like many projects, Hermosa Vida, began with great enthusiasm as people from different agencies and communities conceived of a complicated plan in 2010. This plan involved the planting of seeds of engagement […]


Incremental transformation for poverty alleviation among rural women in Bangladesh

We discovered some key lessons for developmental practice through a transdisciplinary action-research project in with rural women in Bangladesh. We knew that short-term, linear, externally funded, project-based approaches to complex problems are often unsuccessful and so we had to take a different approach. What we found was that through our action research with Bangladeshi women […]


What stories to tell? Knowledge exchange in CBPR

Researchers in the field of Aboriginal health generally have a keen interest in ‘participating in change’ to address the ongoing injustices experienced by Aboriginal peoples. Perhaps the most promoted methods for this purpose are those described as Indigenous methods and action research. Criteria of authenticity are generally used to assess the quality of research. In […]

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