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Pausing in Developmental Friendship: Enjoy the Practice

Cultivating developmental friendship supports our growth in complexity. AR+ places developmental friendship at the heart of our work in cultivating ARTistry. This kind of friendship is not (necessarily) the kind where you go to the movies together.  Developmental friendship provides a relational space in which we integrate our naturally different ways of being. We are […]


Welcoming Sujata Khandekar, Founding Director, CORO to AR+

Dr. Sujata Khandekar is the founding director of Community of Resource Organisations (CORO), one of India’s foremost organizations for grassroots leadership and activism. Facilitating grassroots leadership by addressing issues that the community itself identifies is central to Sujata’s vision and CORO’s interventions. Sujata’s work over the past three decades has further led her to explore […]


Relational Meditation Practice: A resource for all ARTists

  Imagine…what difference could it make to begin your next group meeting with a brief relational meditation?In the calamities we are living through, it is essential and urgent for us to nurture our capacity for centeredness, deep human connection, and co-creativity. Relational meditation is a wonderful way to do so. AR+ likes to offer meditation […]

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