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Fun, engaging, and easily shareable? Exploring the value of co-creating vlogs with citizens from disadvantages neighborhoods

Nicole Goedhart is lead author on a paper about co-creating citizen video blogs (vlogs) that is published in the Action Research Journal. It is part of a special issue on artfulness in organizing.  Nicole writes: “What is the value of the new hype of vlogs in participatory action research (PAR)? Can vlogs facilitate the engagement […]


Into the periphery – acting into fleeting, unfinished, just perceptible movements of experience

Juliana Schneider (in picture, bottom right) discusses her paper with professors Patricia Shaw (top right), James Traeger (bottom left) and Rob Warwick (top left). Listen in at the recorded conversation. Juliana explains how paying attention to those everyday fleeting moments of experience can have important implications on practice and reflexivity. In doing so she builds […]


Artfulness in the organisational playground – an introduction by Rob Warwick.

‘Artfulness in the organizational playground’ is the subject of the special issue, Issue 1 2022 of the Action Research journal. A school playground and artfulness may seem to be unusual topics when it comes to organizational life. What follows is a summary of Special Issue team’s original call for papers. It outlines and contextualizes the […]