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Art practice with migrant women. Mastoureh Fathi and Rabia Nasimi

 Action researchers Mastoureh Fathi and Rabia Nasimi chose to explore the notion of home for migrants through art practice. They have just published with ARJ: Art practice with migrant women: Three challenges to rediscovering home. They explain the challenges explored in their paper. “What does “home” mean for migrant women? By simply asking “what home […]


Orlando Fals-Borda’s Participatory Turn, 1977-1980 by Juan Mario Díaz-Arévalo

Juan Mario Díaz-Arévalo has published a paper with ARJ entitled “In search of the ontology of participation in Participatory Action Research: Orlando Fals-Borda’s Participatory Turn, 1977-1980.” He introduces his paper:  “My article provides an evidence-based account of the development of the “participation” concept in the thinking and practice of Orlando Fals-Borda, one of the pioneers […]


Shining light on the dark side of action research: Power, relationality and transformation

We know that ART has a ‘dark side’.  ARJ Associate Editors Koen Bartels and Victor Friedman have written an editorial for the latest issue of ARJ about precisely that!  Koen and Victor explain: “ART is a complex and demanding process. It demands relational, conceptual and experimental skills not usually taught together in conventional educational programs. […]

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