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Participatory action research with Aboriginal Elders: Ngulluk Koolunga Ngulluk Koort project

Aboriginal Elders from Perth

Collaborative, relational, participatory and reflexive research is not straightforward or easily achieved and this paper is insightful for its reflections on the challenges we experienced. It does not shy away from detailing some of the frustrations and misunderstandings experienced by the Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal project members. Ultimately however, we would argue that non-Aboriginal researchers must expect a level of discomfort if they are committed to transformative practices that support Aboriginal peoples’ self-determination.  


Teacher Participatory Action Research (TPAR): Politicizing Teacher Research

Blog post by Sarah R Stapleton Teacher Participatory Action Research (TPAR): Politicizing Teacher Research These are difficult times for teachers, particularly those in urban and/or low-income schools. Unfortunately, we seldom hear directly from them in conventional education research. To help them tell their stories, I partnered with a group of veteran, insightful, and knowledgeable teachers […]

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