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Teens Are Teaching Themselves!

Teens learning from themselves: Relationship and sexuality education gets updated! To support young people in accessing comprehensive education on both what it means to have a healthy relationship and on the important biological aspects of how sexuality and reproduction work, there’s Teen Council! This is It is ART that overcomes taboos. The Teen Council is […]


“Student action research: preventing bullying in secondary school – Inkla project”

This paper provides a practical guide to using youth action research to engage  “bullying” among high school students  It also offers important insights into building partnerships among various stakeholder groups – high school students, university students, and professional researchers – all of whom represent different age-groups, roles, and social statuses. Young people have a lot […]


How do we work with power, silence and inclusion in our schools?

As educational practitioners, how do we work with power, silence and inclusion in our schools? I work as a psychologist in schools. Some time back, I had an interesting conversation with a secondary school teacher. We had sat down to discuss a young person he was concerned about; after some talking, he paused and looked […]


Tensions in communication – teachers and academic facilitators in a critical friendship

Blog post by Marie-Helene Zimmerman Nilsson Action research is often characterized by successful outcomes based on collaboration with people with a willingness to change. So, when a top-town decided project was planned in cooperation with the university and a school with a low level of achievement – it would have been easy to say ”no […]