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Basque Sandbox. Gender in Collaborative Governance with Dr. Miren Larrea

Our new sandbox in the Orkestra partnership with AR+ is the result of a series of processes that have been evolving very organically since 2018 This partnership began to emerge in alchemical / developmental friendship as  Hilary Bradbury and Miren Larrea reflected on  reconceptualizing the role of gender in action research as a process of […]


Bright action researching lights amidst the turbulent darkness. Editorial last issue of 2023

In curating the final issue for 2023, I see bright action researching lights amidst the turbulent darkness of the Israel Hamas war and its global repercussioning. The five papers in this issue were all developed by and with people of the Muslim faith working with people of other faith backgrounds. I considered how action research […]


Learning from and with community-based and participatory action research: Constraints and adaptations in a youth-peacebuilding initiative in Haiti

Participatory action research fits well with conflict resolution and peacebuilding; it is used by scholar-practitioners as part of field-based practice efforts that contribute to transforming conflict and add to scholarly knowledge. However, as Cynthia Chataway’s analysis of a participatory action research project undertaken with the Mohawk community of Kahnawake indicated, there are considerable constraints on […]


Whose program is this? Negotiations in designing a student-initiated and student-led Jewish-Arab/Palestinian dialogue program on campus

This research examines the Nice 2 Meet U intervention program which, unlike other programs promoting dialogue between Arab/Palestinian and Jewish students on Israeli campuses, was a grassroots program initiated and moderated by students. The program was designed jointly by the initiators, the participants and the researcher/advisor using action research. The objective of the current study […]


Everyday action research for complex times: A peacebuilder’s guide

In the midst of the increasing intensity of our world, peacebuilding practice is rapidly transforming. These changes come with a growing recognition that complexity is a new type of problem that requires new approaches and responses. As conflict resolution and peacebuilding actors are increasingly adopting complexity thinking and approaches to program implementation, I propose that […]

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