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Transforming from the inside, Eleanor Doyle et al
Eleanor Doyle writes about her paper, recently published in ARJ: Constructive developmental interiority: Deliberately transformative action research.  Read on for[...]
Constructing professional identities through boundary work in participatory action research 
Gaby Jacobs introduces her newly published paper... "I have been interested in identity work as long as I can remember.[...]
feminist participatory action research to co-produce a research agenda with British Pakistani women
Halima Iqbal and colleagues recently published a paper with ARJ entitled “Reflections from an insider researcher ‘doing’ feminist participatory action[...]
Organizational welfare through action-research: The case of a social cooperative
Diletta Gazzaroli, Chiara Corvino and Chiara D'Angelo have published their action researching into the question of how working people can[...]
Climate ART Cafe starting September
The Climate ART Cafe coLAB  is for those who want to build horizontal collaborations among diverse actors to respond to climate[...]
Scholarly practice as a developmental edge. Workshopping with Luea Ritter
Luea Ritter led the AR+ Members workshop in July, when we present and dialogue about our work in convening transformative[...]
Talk to the wiser animals!     "Again and again in history some people wake up. They have no ground in the crowd and[...]
What we carry shapes our action research: Editorial ARJ Issue 2, 2023 by Hilary Bradbury
In my work as editor in chief at Action Research journal (ARJ) I’ve gathered five papers for the second issue[...]

Action Research for Transformations

What is ART?
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What is Action Research?

What is ART?
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"I want to express my strong gratitude for your work at AR+.  I have been reflecting on the changes that appeared in me-myself as a result of the action research I've done. What a big personal discovery!  I humbly aspire to submit an article about it, with results, for the Action Research journal. Our work accords well with the climate change transformations agenda. Thank you very much! "

- Mariia Ermilova. Chiba Uni.
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