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Prof. Verna Delauer works with undergraduate students at Franklin Pierce University
Franklin Pierce University, a residential college campus in the northeastern U.S. Verna Delauer works with undergraduate students in a inquiry-practice[...]
Transforming the Poverty Field – A Call for Papers to ARJ. March 2022
2013©Jhiwsel Luna Ríos / ATD Fourth World – Joseph Wresinski Centre / 6023-019-020_189 A global team of guest editors, led by Victor J. Friedman, associate editor of[...]
Building bridges by Camilla Bakkær Simonsen
Building bridges: A co-creation intervention preparatory project based on female Syrian refugees' experiences with physical activity has just become available. [...]
Join us for Tuesday Relational Meditation in July and August
Photo by Zoltan Tasi In our CoCreativity CoLab, we are exploring the developmental and evolutionary practice of being in its expression as[...]
ART and Social Justice by Dr. Joan Walton.
Dr. Joan Walton is at the Institute for Social Justice at York St John University. We share her new paper[...]
ART and Social Justice Interview with Hilary Bradbury by Joan Walton
It's a new podcast in a series from the Institute for Social Justice at York St John University. With different[...]
“Power-with” structures in complex healthcare systems: Gladys Yinusa Interviews Hilary Bradbury  “Action researching means we’re reflecting together. We’re bringing stakeholders into inquiry for change to their own experience. In the[...]
Invitation to grapple: Do We Have the Courage to Speak of Love? Join us!
Dear ARTists, Thanks to those who joined CRR Grapple and Silvie on May 11th exploring edges around the courage to[...]

From a site visitor. "I’m appreciative of your AR+ blogs and have adopted them for my course in action research as a pedagogically sound way of introducing students to issues and concepts prior to article reading and reflection. May the blogs continue. Thank you very much! "                                                                                                                                         

- P. Kolenick, EdD. Faculty.

About AR+

From a site visitor: "I want to express my strong gratitude for your work at AR+ which helps promote Action Research in Academia. Here I find understanding, relief and great support in reading all the articles and resources. Being an Action Researcher is hard.  I have been reflecting on the changes that appeared in me-myself as a result of the action research I've done. What a big personal discovery!  I humbly aspire to submit an article about it, with results, for ARJ in the future. Our work accords well with the climate change transformations agenda, discussed in the Action Research journal recently. Thank you very much!  - Mariia Ermilova. Chiba Uni.

AR+ Foundation is a U.S. registered 'not for profit' organization (501.c.3).

Donations are very much needed. Your donation may be tax deductible. Unless you may wish to earmark it for something dear to you, we will use it to provide scholarships and sponsorships. We promise to use donations well and to keep you in the loop!  Questions and/or Feedback Contact Hilary Bradbury - Hilary is Convener and CEO at AR+. 

Our ambition at AR+ is to connect and support Action Researchers for Transformation.

We are in service of ever expanding circles of self development within education-, politics-, business-, relationships.

We promote pragmatic scholarly practice through our engagement as agents and subjects of transformation.

Our aspiration is that more of us who practice ART will revitalize our social institutions.

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