AR+ supports Action Researchers for Transformations in our time of eco-social crisis.

We are leader-learners who help transformations happen... in communities of education, healthcare, government, development ...

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Toward a Next Generation of Transformative Partnerships. Susanna Carman
This week it was my (Susanna Carman’s) turn to present at our monthly AR+ project-based coLAB-workshop on Transformative Learning Spaces.[...]
Bright action researching lights amidst the turbulent darkness. Editorial last issue of 2023
In curating the final issue for 2023, I see bright action researching lights amidst the turbulent darkness of the Israel[...]
Transformation through a heartbeat: Stretching the boundaries of action research following suicide
This post is authored by Claire Ghetti, Brian Schreck & Jeremy Bennett about their recent ARJ article which was developed[...]
Supporting Intergenerational ART: Workshopping with Dr. Carol Gorelick
 On October 31st 2023, our AR+ coLAB centered the inquiry of Carol Gorelick in her work on and passion for[...]
The inner journey: Mindset shifts of transformation. Call for papers July 31st, 2024
Our multiplying and interconnected eco-social crises will not get solved with old ways of thinking, being and doing.ARJ Special Issue[...]
Doing it authentically is tough! Youth on the need for radical openness in Action Research
In "Everyone's talking about co-design, but actually doing it authentically is tough", Carla Luguetti, Juliana Ryan, and their colleagues delve[...]
Facilitation as weaving. Actionable reflections by Patricia Canto
Patricia Canto, of Orkestra Institute, led the fifth workshop of our Transformative Learning Spaces coLAB. The session was facilitated by[...]
Transforming from the inside, Eleanor Doyle et al
Eleanor Doyle writes about her paper, recently published in ARJ: Constructive developmental interiority: Deliberately transformative action research.  Read on for[...]

Action Research for Transformations

What is ART?
Let's start at the very beginning...

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What is Action Research?

What is ART?
Do you have questions?
Let's start at the very beginning...

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"I want to express my strong gratitude for your work at AR+.  I have been reflecting on the changes that appeared in me-myself as a result of the action research I've done. What a big personal discovery!  I humbly aspire to submit an article about it, with results, for the Action Research journal. Our work accords well with the climate change transformations agenda. Thank you very much! "

- Mariia Ermilova. Chiba Uni.
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Our ambition at AR+ is to connect and support Action Researchers for Transformation.

We are in service of ever expanding circles of self development within education-, politics-, business-, relationships.

We promote pragmatic scholarly practice through our engagement as agents and subjects of transformation.

Our aspiration is that more of us ARTists will revitalize more of our social institutions.