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How can transformative knowledge creation support a more beautiful world?  
Our ambition is to share good action research.
How can integrating science and experiential knowing allow us accomplish more together?
We support interdisciplinary dialogue and connectivity among 
practicing action researchers worldwide.

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The Student Choice page reflects the efforts and interests of novice action researchers. Over a dozen graduate students working with Prof. Alfredo Ortiz got the ball rolling.

In our first project, a class of doctoral students read all the papers published in ARJ in the past 5 years. Then selected the papers most useful to them. Through discussion and voting they presented individual student blogs.

Thanks to Sage, each blog contains the link to the original paper selected for a "Student Choice Award."

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Our ambition at AR+ is to support connectivity among Action Researchers worldwide.
We can do more together than alone.

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The AR+ global community is supported by ARSECC Network Inc., (Action Research for Sustainable Enterprise in Collaborative Communities), a registered not for profit 501.c.3

Our ambition is to support interdisciplinary dialogue and connectivity among practicing action researchers worldwide in support of a better world.

"AR+ Accomplishing more good together than we can alone."

Donations are welcome and very much needed. Your donation is tax deductible in the USA. Questions? Feedback? Hilary Bradbury, Ph.D., is the AR+ hubstress Contact Hilary Bradbury

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