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Appreciating situations of breakdown for researcher reflexivity. ARJ article by Danielle Treacy

A blog by Danielle Treacy. “In a recent cross-cultural research project that aimed to co-develop music teacher education (https://sites.uniarts.fi/web/globalvisions), I worked collaboratively with educators in Kathmandu, Nepal. I intentionally used appreciative inquiry to navigate ethical issues related to power and ethnocentrism. Long after the project had ended, unintended consequences and situations caused me feelings of […]


All stakeholders are equal…But some stakeholders are more equal than others (with apologies to George Orwell): posted by Mary Brydon-Miller

For our session on covenantal ethics at the upcoming World Congress we’ve drafted up some case studies related to ethics in community-based research. These examples are intended to guide our reflection and discussion related to the application of the covenantal ethics approach to specific situations. The following case study is very loosely based on Catherine […]


Aristotle, Phronesis, Research Ethics and AR posted by Mary Brydon-Miller

“Ethical reasoning requires a different form of intellectual engagement than that of scientific analysis.” (McKee & Porter, 2008. 724)  Ethical reasoning, these authors suggest, requires instead “what Aristotle calls phronesis, or the art of practical judgment.”  My own introduction to this concept and its relationship to the theory and practice of action research comes from […]


Getting the Word Out, posted by Mary Brydon-Miller

Writing in the conclusion to the Special Issue on Ethics and Action Research, Davydd Greenwood, Olav Eikeland and I suggested that we “develop strategies for making the results of research of direct benefit to community” and “develop innovative strategies for disseminating the results of our work”.  But the hiring committees and reappointment, promotion, and tenure […]