Handbook Companion

action research handbook

Handbooks of Action Research 2000, 2008, 2015) have been published to invite the global community to learn more about and from each other. The 2015 edition of the Handbook contains over 70 chapters with 90% new material (making it, really, a new volume).

This page offers a companion to the 2015 Handbook, offering a taste. This page also anchors facilitated dialogues and webinars for those who wish to learn more together. Please browse and use the comments box to respond, letting us know how it lands for you, what you want to know more about, etc.

Action research is a democratic and participative orientation to knowledge creation. It brings together action and reflection, theory and practice, in the pursuit of practical solutions to issues of pressing concern. Action research is a pragmatic co-creation of knowing with, not on, people. 

Review the resources on the right. Tasters are drawn especially from two parts of the Handbook, Practices and Skills. Practices describe practical action research approaches. Skills refer to crucial competencies of a continuously improving action researcher.