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Our Student Choice page reflects the efforts and interests of novice action researchers. We welcome new projects from any graduate students and hope to keep adding to this resource page.

Over a dozen graduate students working with Prof. Alfredo Ortiz got the ball rolling. They reviewed all the papers published in our affiliated journal ARJ over the past 5 years. The doctoral students they each selected the paper they found most useful. Through discussion and voting they landed on the papers we present below as individual student blogs that introduce their favorite. We guessed that others  would be inspired, so we make these blogs available all in one place which is linked to the original paper selected for a "Student Choice Award." Huge thanks to Alfredo and students! See the Introduction and Methodology section below where Alfredo shares the method used to confer the student awards.  You can do it in your class too!

Heads up: Graduate students may also be interested in checking out the resources on action research dissertations.  Let us know how else to support your action researching.


In the field with complexity
Causal Mapping with Jody Aked Blog post by Jody Aked, reflecting on "complexity-aware action research." How are networks for collective[...]
Got Mixed Methods?
Orozco, Got mixed methods? By Diana Orozco A blog inspired by the AR article: Measuring in action research: Four ways[...]
Inmates vs. The Guards
Blog post by Justin Chacon “Researching prisoner experiences with prison officers: An action research-inspired approach” (Drake, 2014) is an interesting article[...]
Women Battling Diabetes, One Group at a Time
Inspired by the article “Inside the PAR group: The group dynamics of women learning to live with diabetes”, Fatemeh Adii,[...]
Making Change Stick
Posted By Tiffany Mendoza. Inspired by Burns, D. (2013). Systemic action research: Changing system dynamics to support sustainable change. Action[...]
The Immigrant and Her Land
By Debbie Ann Quiñones. Inspired by Blanchet-Cohen, N., & Di Mambro, G. (2015). Environmental education action research with immigrant children[...]
Augmenting Reality to improve learning capabilities for students with Disabilities
Blog by Srikanth Vemula A blog based on my review of the article “iPads as instructional tools to enhance learning[...]
Perspective through Poetry
Blog by Mark Harris, Inspired by Hopkinson, C. (2015) Using poetry in a critically reflexive action research co-inquiry with nurses.[...]
Exploration in to Action Research Review of Cultural Clash supported by Buddhist Methodology
Blog by Marcus Seels I found Shen's (2015), Action Research in a Problem Avoiding Culture using a Buddhist Systems Methodology to[...]
Children Without A Voice
A blog inspired by The voices of youth in foster care: A participant action research study.; Ponciano, Leslie DEC 2013 Vol.11, Issue[...]
Bridging Two Different Worlds in the Search of Meaning
A blog inspired by: Marti, J. (2016). Measuring in action research: Four ways of integrating quantitative methods in participatory dynamics. Journal[...]
Challenge Routines to Transform your Practice
A blog inspired by Kane, R., & Chimwayange, C. (2014). Teacher action research and student voice: Making sense of learning in[...]
The Complex Puzzle Game: Systemic Action Research
A blog inspired by Burns, D. (2014). Systemic action research: Changing system dynamics to support sustainable change. Action Research, 12(1), 3-18.[...]
Researchers Become the Researched
A blog inspired by Zhang, Z., Fyn, D., Langelotz, L., Lönngren, McCorquodale, L. & Nehez, J. (2014). Our way(s) to action[...]

Introduction and Methodology

Introducing the First Action Research Student Choice Awards
This summer (2017) during an Action Research Plus committee videoconference (AR+, the initiatives enabled through this very website), Hilary[...]
How the Student Choice Awards (SCA’s) were implemented
In this blog I share the process by which we arrived at the SCA “winners”, as described in the post[...]