Climate Transformations

Climate Transformations

Action Research for Climate Transformations

"Everybody talks about the weather,
nobody does anything about it.”
- Mark Twain

Our beautiful Earth is becoming inhospitable to us. How should educators, researchers, and knowledge creators respond to this existential threat?

By accepting an unpalatable truth: our mainstream approach to learning, education, and research is actively co-producing the very opposite of what we need at this time of unsustainability. 

In this special issue of Action Research, we usher in a new emphasis for the journal in support of a more sustainable world, and we introduce a first and special issue on climate change transformations to illustrate action research for transformations. We take this as an opportunity to call upon fellow researchers to critically engage with the production of knowledge for sustainability through more action-oriented transformations research.

In essence, we call upon knowledge creators to direct more attention and effort to co-producing a better world for all. Read more from the editorial call to action  by Hilary Bradbury, Steve Waddell, Karen O’ Brien, Marina Apgar, Ben Teehankee, Ioan Fazey.



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