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You defend what you feel: ‘Presencing’ nature as ‘experiential knowing’

Click to watch Hilary Bradbury interview Gioel Gioacchino about her work. Newly minted PhD., Gioel Gioacchino, writes about a youth-led action research process carried out in Cuba. Their action research supported a network of youth to champion sustainability in a country that is simultaneously more “sustainable” in an ecological sense than most countries, but with […]


Uniting action research and citizen science: Examining the opportunities for mutual benefit between two movements through a woodsmoke photovoice study

Blog post by Robin A Evans-Agnew and Chris Eberhardt In this project we found that urban youth were able to cut through the arguments about woodsmoke pollution and “grapple” with scientific knowledge and their opinions for policy action. In a region besieged by winter pollution from household woodstoves, pacific-northwest scientists have had little success in […]


“Student action research: preventing bullying in secondary school – Inkla project”

This paper provides a practical guide to using youth action research to engage  “bullying” among high school students  It also offers important insights into building partnerships among various stakeholder groups – high school students, university students, and professional researchers – all of whom represent different age-groups, roles, and social statuses. Young people have a lot […]