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The Inner-Outer Dance for social change. By Andrea Rodericks

Andrea Rodericks works independently with NGOs, social enterprises, and other civil society organizations and networks on program and organizational design and collaboration around complex development challenges. Action research is at the core of her practice. She is based in Goa in India and Atlanta in the US. Andrea is a personal member (“PerMem”) with AR+ […]


Tender Authority – Our Development Edge Session for the AR+E(co)Retreat

Victor Friedman, Michal Razer and Gili Talmor David share their work on “tender authority” which has emerged from 30 years of action research with schools. This work in helping teachers work more effectively with their most difficult students is described in their book Exclusion to Excellence: Building Restorative Relationships to Create Inclusive Schools They explain: […]


Fallback – Spring Forward. Developmental Advice from Dr. Val

Dr. Valerie Livesay is a leader in articulating and advancing the theory of adult development. Val’s research highlights just how nonlinear our journey of adult development is. Her work is about how we fall back – and spring forward – in our ability to handle complexity.  Recently I read Val’s very readable article on how […]


Breast cancer patient pathways to healing

Action Researchers Annette Zøylner and colleagues have been co-researching with breast cancer patients and their relatives. They are finding more resources for healing on the patient pathway. Annette writes: Our article gives insight into patients, relatives and healthcare professional’s involvement in the development of a breast cancer patient pathway.  Great efforts have been made by […]

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