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Teaching resources for action research

Action Research Cookbook

A few AR+ suggestions as you plan your class/course/program in action research/ART: Textbook The Cooking with Action Research volumes are popular with students. They find them accessible, affordable and with good pictures and stories 🙂. The first volume contains cases, the second volume has many short pieces explaining concepts for practice. The third is bilingual […]


Prof. Verna Delauer works with undergraduate students at Franklin Pierce University

Franklin Pierce University, a residential college campus in the northeastern U.S. Verna Delauer works with undergraduate students in a inquiry-practice lab.  Together they have been researching emerging autonomy and independence in health decision-making of students on campus.  Verna writes: “Can we be playful together? Can we make meaning together? How does my position as a […]


“Power-with” structures in complex healthcare systems: Gladys Yinusa Interviews Hilary Bradbury

 “Action researching means we’re reflecting together. We’re bringing stakeholders into inquiry for change to their own experience. In the healthcare world it is not just because we respect patients that we include them. Although that is true. It is also because we end up with better information when there are more eyes, more hearts and […]