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What is Developmental Reflexivity in ART: Collogue 2022 #1

AR+ Transformations

  Developmental reflexivity demands that we not just think about our work in the privacy of our own minds, or in after action reviews.  Instead we can practice in becoming active in asking for and giving feedback. In this way we, and the system and stakeholders around us, can self correct. With more intelligence in […]


De La Salle invites AR+

We’re delighted to announce that AR+ | ActionResearchPlus Foundation will be visiting with the De La Salle University (DLSU) Community in Manila Philippines. This continues an already successful pattern which began at Chalmers University, Sweden. With AR+ visiting in the role of Distinguished Professor (Visiting), there is more attention to action research efforts of faculty […]


From Feudal Triangles to Plural Circles. Power in ART

“What’s In The Way, Is The Way” explains Susanna Carman, AR+ PerMem and leader of the Transition Leadership Lab (TLL), a 9-week learning experience for design, leadership and change practitioners who are ready to take on the challenge of skillful AND mindful leadership in our rapidly transforming world. Last week Susanna and TLL participants  welcomed […]

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