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Indigenous methodologies and ART by Joanne Whitty-Rogers.

Early in her nursing career, Joanne Whitty-Rogers, RN, PhD, a Senior Research Professor at St. Francis Xavier University, observed that Indigenous women encountered barriers to maternal care such as access to travel to healthcare services, language barriers, racism, and discrimination which often led them to feeling isolated. She went on to learn more of these […]


Breast cancer patient pathways to healing

Action Researchers Annette Zøylner and colleagues have been co-researching with breast cancer patients and their relatives. They are finding more resources for healing on the patient pathway. Annette writes: Our article gives insight into patients, relatives and healthcare professional’s involvement in the development of a breast cancer patient pathway.  Great efforts have been made by […]


Action Research as sustainable healthcare quality improvement: Advances in neonatal care emphasizing collaboration, communication, and empowerment

Blog post written by Carlien Van Heerden We are passionate about survival and quality of life of the vulnerable newborn population. A particular South African district hospital faced exceptionally high neonatal mortality and morbidity rates. As neonatal resuscitation can save newborn lives when performed by competent staff in a setting that is adequately equipped, organised […]


Peer Researchers in Post-Professional Healthcare

Blog post by Andrew Eaton Peer researchers are people who represent a research project’s participants (such as people living with HIV). They partner with academic researchers to conduct research in a collaborative way, seeking to mitigate power dynamics that often occur between researchers and participants in healthcare research. I’m a social worker and PhD student. […]

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