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Welcoming Sujata Khandekar, Founding Director, CORO to AR+

Dr. Sujata Khandekar is the founding director of Community of Resource Organisations (CORO), one of India’s foremost organizations for grassroots leadership and activism. Facilitating grassroots leadership by addressing issues that the community itself identifies is central to Sujata’s vision and CORO’s interventions. Sujata’s work over the past three decades has further led her to explore […]


Muslim Women Disrupting Traditional Gender Discourses with Vina Adriany, Hani Yulindrasari, and Raden Safrina

Drs. Vina Adriany, Hani Yulindrasari, and Raden Safrina are academics from Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, a higher education institution in Indonesia. Their research began in frustration. Despite the three scholars’ engagement in doing research on gender in early years, they noticed few changes actually taking place in the field of early childhood education. They adopted feminist […]


Terah J. Stewart shows research does not have to be impersonal

In ARJ article “I don’t feel studied”  – now open without pay wall  – action researcher Terah J. Stewart shows that research does not have to be alienating or impersonal. In fact, it can be a healing and humanizing process for the people and communities centered in action research efforts. Terah explains his ART with […]


Four practices for conducting feminist participatory action research

In the photo, clockwise from top right, are Alona, Nur, Lior, and Bat El, members of the Alibi action research group. A few moments before starting the one-day conference we organized for social workers, Nur took the selfie (or is it a groupie?). Missing from the photo is Yael, who was abroad at the time. […]