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Upscaling community transformation

This themed issue offers seven examples of upscaling community transformation, a rich opportunity for action research (AR) to contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #17: re-vitalize global partnerships. Covid-19 has revealed anew the structural and political relationships that deepen inequality and hobble human flourishing. Local organizing around antiracist and anticolonial agendas, climate justice, […]


Practicing youth participatory action research for school equity: A pedagogical model

The application of emancipatory pedagogical methods such as youth participatory action research may serve as a valuable practice for addressing educational inequity. This article presents educational leaders, teachers, researchers, and youth advocates with a description of applicable pedagogical methods that comprised the implementation of a youth participatory action research seminar at the middle school level. […]


Toward equity: Power, cultural hegemony, and organizations

Behind Action Research for Transformations (ART) and the Action Research Journal’s seven quality choice points nestle both a plea and demand for equity. If equity is about resources made accessible to or concretely claimed by structurally marginalized group—so they may achieve outcomes akin to privileged groups which get such resources as a matter of course—three […]


School-community partnership Lesley Wood & Mary McAteer

Despite the end of Apartheid in South Africa in 1990, and the formation of a democratic government in 1984, the legacy is still evident.  Many black communities suffer socio-economic disadvantage, and often lack access to good-quality schooling. This project, funded by the British Academy Newton Fellowship and The National Research Foundation, was undertaken by Prof Lesley […]


Terah J. Stewart shows research does not have to be impersonal

In ARJ article “I don’t feel studied”  – now open without pay wall  – action researcher Terah J. Stewart shows that research does not have to be alienating or impersonal. In fact, it can be a healing and humanizing process for the people and communities centered in action research efforts. Terah explains his ART with […]

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