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Constellating at the Brixen Gathering: Making Sense together

On Dec 18, just over a month from our Gathering in Brixen/Bressanone, we came together for a reflective session centered on the Constellation we’d experienced as part of the Gathering. Constellations – more theatre than dialogue – are difficult to capture in words. The image here conveys some of the ways in which mixed media […]


A conversation between Mother and Father Earth. We answer the call and unfold into love in Gathering

Blog post by Alex Stubbings ( & Simon Divecha ( Context Cradled in a bio-social farm within the voluptuous Dolomiti mountains – as part of the AR+ Gathering 2023 – we found ourselves at the juicy edges where continental plates collide. Feeling invited into liminal space, we each took to personifying the elemental roles of […]


Let’s Dance! Julian & Hannes reflect on Brixen/Bressanone AR+ Gathering

AR+ Members and guests gathered in Brixen/Bressanone,  Italy November 9 – 12, 2023. The theme for our Dolomite-Alpine Gathering 2023 was Nourishing Ourselves and the Soil. The original invitation had been extended by Dr. Alessandra Piccoli of the Free University of Bolzano. Because Alessandra’s action research highlights bio-social farming, we organized most of our meetings […]


Are we (possibly) white supremacists? Workshopping with Astrid Kunert.

Post by Andrea Rodericks, who facilitated the workshop as part of our designing regenerative spaces coLAB For our third session in the ARTist workshopping series we were led by powerful and personal reflections from Astrid Kunert who is co-founder and director of Qualitative Mind Research in Munich. Astrid shared her work with public participation, peace building […]


Organizing AR+ 2023 as a sociocracy

AR+ Transformations

AR+ 2023 exists to cradle and catalyze capacity for the developmental unfolding of Action Research for Transformations (ART) as Science 2.0, that is, an orientation to knowledge creation that integrates subjectivity with objectivity, inner and outer landscapes. As the overall purpose of AR+, every year, is to support ARTists all over the world, wherever they […]