Welcoming Sujata Khandekar, Founding Director, CORO to AR+

Dr. Sujata Khandekar is the founding director of Community of Resource Organisations (CORO), one of India’s foremost organizations for grassroots leadership and activism. Facilitating grassroots leadership by addressing issues that the community itself identifies is central to Sujata’s vision and CORO’s interventions. Sujata’s work over the past three decades has further led her to explore empowerment of grassroots women in urban and rural contexts. Her PhD thesis,Meanings of Women’s Empowerment, with seven grassroots co-researchers focuses on this as well.

We’re delighted that Sujata is joining in with the AR+ gang and we look forward to finding synergies. In this video snippet Sujata describes the successful leadership program her organization has developed and how it’s rippled out over the years. Congratulations.  Long may it continue!

In the following interview by by RACHITA VORA, SHREYA ADHIKARI Sujata talks further about why lived experiences and the wisdom of grassroots communities are important when designing programs for social change, and how dialogue and collective knowledge building with communities is the right way forward.

Read the interview here