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PAR social change in Santiago, Chile. Welcome to Dr. Lake Sagaris.

Dr. Lake Sagaris co-leads a social change lab in Santiago Chile – Laboratorio de Cambio Social, PAR – Participative Action Research – is at the heart of their work to build collaboration between university and urban community. The lab’s action research projects emphasize civic culture, mobility and sustainable urban development. Recently Lake’s lab joined our AR+ community as a stewarding organization. We share a recent […]


In the field with complexity

Blog post by Jody Aked, reflecting on “complexity-aware action research.” How are networks for collective action built? Which network experiences motivate individuals? Which build the momentum of the collective? How is effort on long-term environmental projects sustained? These are some of the questions that emerged in the Philippines from the initial phases of the Valuing […]


Addressing inequity through youth participatory action research: Toward a critically hopeful approach to more equitable schools

Abstract provided on behalf of the authors: Nicole Mittenfelner Carl and Sharon M Ravitch In this paper, we explore how youth participatory action research methods serve as a means of uncovering and addressing hidden curricula in schools. To illuminate, we present an example of one school-based youth participatory action research project in which high school students examined […]


Embracing problems, processes, and contact zones: Using youth participatory action research to challenge adultism

Abstract provided on behalf of the author, Genia M Bettencourt In the United States, adultism creates dynamics in which youth are oppressed and their experiences dismissed. Youth participatory action research (YPAR), a research method and theoretical construct, provides one forum through which to challenge adultism by providing youth with voice and input. Such an approach contrasts […]


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