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Risky disclosures in developmental friendships

Ben Teehankee, Jean Hartmann and Petra Schweizer-Ries offer a concurrent session, calling with a…“Bahhhhhhaaaaahaahaaaahaaa …”  “We met at the first AR+ Gathering at Chalmers in 2019. Our group of six (three women and three men) then self-organized, calling ourselves “Virtual Black Sheeps.” In this we were much like a regular AR+ coLAB and adding  Otto […]


Re-storying ourselves for a life enhancing world with Dr. Chris Riedy

Chris Riedy is interested in the way that stories and narratives facilitate or hinder transformation towards sustainable futures. He led the second pre-gathering meeting, inviting us to consider our own personal stories, how they influence those we work with and the hope that we can find by re-storying ourselves. Chris’ most recent academic article on […]


From Feudal Triangles to Plural Circles. Power in ART

“What’s In The Way, Is The Way” explains Susanna Carman, AR+ PerMem and leader of the Transition Leadership Lab (TLL), a 9-week learning experience for design, leadership and change practitioners who are ready to take on the challenge of skillful AND mindful leadership in our rapidly transforming world. Last week Susanna and TLL participants  welcomed […]