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Systems Sensing: Making what’s implicit explicit. Collective Transitions with Hilary Bradbury and AR+

  In social change, we often find ourselves facing new challenges and with increasing dynamics or greater complexity. For example, plans or strategies that once felt solid and secure, may no longer be realistic or feasible. A challenge may bring a project to a momentary standstill. As one moves from the space of “the known,” […]


Gladys Yinusa, PhD Candidate from Bournemouth University reflects on the AR+ eCO Retreat.

Gladys Yinusa is completing her action research dissertation as we speak. It titled “An action research study to improve ward practices”, and explores the influence of organisational culture in the provision of food and nutrition care for hospitalised patients. Gladys is a match-funded PhD student from the Department of Nursing Science, Bournemouth University, in collaboration […]


Risky disclosures in developmental friendships

Ben Teehankee, Jean Hartmann and Petra Schweizer-Ries offer a concurrent session, calling with a…“Bahhhhhhaaaaahaahaaaahaaa …”  “We met at the first AR+ Gathering at Chalmers in 2019. Our group of six (three women and three men) then self-organized, calling ourselves “Virtual Black Sheeps.” In this we were much like a regular AR+ coLAB and adding  Otto […]