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Health Companion Project: A community-based participatory research model for health promotion in Iran

stethoscope with Iranian flag

“This paper addresses the great potential of using CBPR for health promotion, inspired by experiences from Iran. The case presents a four-year long participative process, the ambition of which was to identify, prioritise and address key health issues in various communities in Iran (Dr. Svante Lifvergren, Associate Editor). We conducted a 4-year (2008–2011) community-based participatory […]


Program Evaluation in an Aquatic Agricultural System

Many rural poor and marginalized people strive to make a living in social-ecological systems that are characterized by multiple and often inequitable interactions. Uncertainty and inequality in such systems require research and development interventions to be adaptive. Complexity-aware approaches to planning, monitoring and evaluating development interventions are gaining strength, yet, there is still little empirical […]


INDIGENOUS SCHOOL DEVELOPMENT: Reducing the dominance of national curricula.

  “Traditions are good, but do they really help the pupils become successful?” I got the provocative question from a teacher in an action research and INDIGENOUS school development study. The teacher questioned if Indigenous education, gave pupils the best possibilities to become successful. There is, of course, no simple answer to that question. However, […]


Action research for multi-level facilitation of improvement in health and social care: Development of a change facilitation approach for a local R&D unit

This paper reports an action research program designed to develop new approaches for a locally based Swedish R&D unit’s task to facilitate improvement in partner organizations, and to provide guidance on how to manage challenges in action research programs focusing on development in health and social care.


Empowering nurses through action research for developing a new nursing handover program in a pediatric ward in Iran

Developing a new nursing handover program in a pediatric ward in Iran focused on the handing over of patient information among nurses between shifts. The participants in the action research, (12 nurses, 2 assistants, a head nurse, with academic researchers as facilitators), reached a significant decrease in time and cost of nursing handover.