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Teacher Participatory Action Research (TPAR): Politicizing Teacher Research

Blog post by Sarah R Stapleton Teacher Participatory Action Research (TPAR): Politicizing Teacher Research These are difficult times for teachers, particularly those in urban and/or low-income schools. Unfortunately, we seldom hear directly from them in conventional education research. To help them tell their stories, I partnered with a group of veteran, insightful, and knowledgeable teachers […]


Renegotiating Roles in Local Governments: Facing Resistances to Citizen Participation in Chile

Engaging an action research project with public officers of Santiago Municipality in Chile was a revealing, difficult and transformative experience. We sought to generate new links with communities through new citizen participation policies, but we faced strong resistances from established practices and institutional structures. We hope that reflecting on this experience may help to open […]


This is our home: Initiating participatory action housing research with refugee and immigrant communities in a time of unwelcome

Community Voices for Housing Equality is a participatory action research group made up of community leaders and social workers whose aim is to address inequality and unfairness in housing by centering the voices of tenants. In this article, the core Community Voices for Housing Equality research team narrates and presents findings from phase one of […]


Communicative space and working locally: A report of a participatory action research project in a remote rural school in Bangladesh

If you do care about bringing change in rural secondary education in Bangladesh and are interested in action research, you can spend some time reading this article. While critics repeatedly talk about teachers’ failings and absence of a system that might enable teachers to take care of their own practices, we have very little evidence […]