Organizing AR+ 2023 as a sociocracy

AR+ Transformations

AR+ 2023 exists to cradle and catalyze capacity for the developmental unfolding of Action Research for Transformations (ART) as Science 2.0, that is, an orientation to knowledge creation that integrates subjectivity with objectivity, inner and outer landscapes. As the overall purpose of AR+, every year, is to support ARTists all over the world, wherever they are on their journey with ART, we welcome all likeminded labels and approaches. We also make our own developmental activities open to all ARTists.

Those of us who become members in the AR+ VIP circle develop capacity with one another by finding confluence among our personal ART practices. In turn this leads to generating collective knowledge and action, while we deepen our own capacity to be a multiplier of ART throughout our various lifespaces. 

As in other years, members gather as developmental friends to offer coLABs, collogues and an in-person Gathering (slated for November 9-12, 2023 in the Italian Alpine city of Bolzano). In all of our activities we keep spaces for non-members too. We also communicate out – through the AR+ blogs and podcasts – in support of ARTists all over the world. 

For 2023 we’re all about capacity building. Our coLAB menu and 2023 collogue webinars offer details as soon’s we have them. We welcome registration early and often!

The opening roll-call from our first VIP members meeting gives a feel for who, at least some of us, are: