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Call for ARJ. 2018. Climate Change and Action Research: Creating Transformative Knowledge With Stakeholders

The science of climate change tells  us that too much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is disrupting climate patterns (IPCC, 2014). It is clear that we must halt catastrophic climate change and at the same time adapt to its near-term impacts.  However, mobilizing social changes at the rate, scale, magnitude and depth that is called […]


Action research and the vicious cycle between low status and low impact

Let me be blunt. I’m interested in power. I’m frustrated by the lack of power exercised by those of us involved in action research and related initiatives—systems thinking, transdisciplinarity, design science, team science, sustainability science, integrated assessment, to name just a few. I’m frustrated by our lack of power in setting research and funding agendas […]


Work-integrated learning and health literacy as catalysts for Roma empowerment and social inclusion: A participatory action research

Roma people all over the world have often been subject to prejudice, stigma, discrimination and oppression. Many Roma have little or no education, which in combination with other factors often leads to unemployment and marginalization. Based on a case study in Sweden, this paper proposes an approach that can be used in participatory projects aiming […]


Guy O’Grady Sharrock responds to the paper entitled ‘‘Getting beneath the surface in program planning, monitoring and evaluation: Learning from use of Participatory Action Research and Theory of Change in the CGIAR Research Program on Aquatic Agricultural Systems’’

Development organizations who aim to improve program outcomes and ensure increased accountability to communities are under increasing pressure to better understand the experiences of project participants. There is much discussion across the aid community (including, but not limited to, aquatic agricultural research) about opportunities and challenges to adapting planning, monitoring and evaluation (PM&E) approaches in […]