Action Research and the Environment -Introductions

Hello all,  My name is Alan Wight.  For the past 5 years I have been studying the various ways in which humans’ interact with and perceive the natural environment (aka the earth).  I have become familiar with the history of the modern environmental movement and specifically ecovillages: non-violent, decentralized, bioregional-laboratories that focus on creating ecologically sustainable […]


Theory and Practice

Hi…my name is Valerie Louis and I am facilitating the Theory and Practice and Special Topics sections of the ARJ blog. I became interested in Action Research out of my love of theory and my background in women’s studies. AR was one of the first classes I took in my doctoral work and we were […]


Community Health Focus – Introducing Bernard Young

My name is Bernard Young. Over the past 40 Years I have been actively involved as a health professional working to monitor, assess, educate, support and refer clients concerning issues of alcoholism, substance abuse, HIV infection. AIDS, SIDS, family violence, mental health, sexual health, birth control, and sexually transmitted infections. In the last five years […]