Community Health- Beth Miller

Hi My name is Beth Miller. I am a doctoral candidate in Health Promotion & Education at the University of Cincinnati. My area of concentration is nutrition and physical activity. I have spent years as a clinical and community dietitian and in wellness/health promotion in corporations and communities. I became involved in action research through coursework at the University of Cincinnati. It was only then that I made the connection between AR and Community-Based Participatory Research (CBPR) and have been a fan ever since.I have been involved in CBPR projects with Harmony Garden ( and at the University of Cincinnati. I locate myself as an Action Researcher within CBPR. The connection to people through this type of collaborative research is rewarding and fulfilling. My interests in both wellness and action research were joined in my photovoice dissertation looking at stress in teens. I look forward to additional research in CBPR related to the effect of environmental and policy changes on determinants of health in communities. I will be facilitating the community health discussion with Deb Dole and Bernie Young. I look forward to our discussions!