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Critical Questions—Seeking Funding. An Exploration through Quotation—posted by Mary Brydon-Miller

Follow the Money Those of us old enough to remember Watergate and the Nixon era probably also remember seeing the film All the Presidents’ Men and the pivotal scene in which Deep Throat (played by Hal Holbrook) advises the young Bob Woodward (played by Robert Redford) to “follow the money”. They do and voilá, “I’m […]


All of us are responsible

Blog post by MANSOOR ALI and is shared generously by The Ideal Practitioner. My 30 years of experience in the sector agree with most of this. When I make presentations to about this to all stakeholders, people fully accepted this is true and that ‘all of us are responsible’.Some said, this is how the sector operates, one […]


Adjusting the pace of practice

Blog post by Mieke Berghmans and is shared generously by The Ideal Practitioner. Having been a social change practitioner for quite a while and having been trained as a social andragogue (and thus being  ‘dipped into’ Freire, Mezirow, Marie Parker Follett, and other transformative pedagogy theorists) years ago, I fully agree with Joanna’s answer!  I am really […]

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