7 Quality Choicepoints for ART: Improving action research transformations

In this action-video-snippet, Hilary Bradbury introduces the 7 quality checkpoints for good Action Research transformations (ART). While hardly comprehensive we hope the overview is useful as a way to assess and develop your own action research too. Perhaps you’re considering writing up your work for publication? Then know that we use these quality choicepoints to review papers at ARJ.

Using a few interconnected examples from her own published work* Hilary explains the importance of: 1) being clear about transformative intention; 2) engaging stakeholders, 3) making a contribution to the field, 4) clarity on participative methods and processes, 5) developmental reflexivity, 6) actionability and 7) practitioner relevance AKA transformative impact work in service of a more sustainable world.

You can read the background editorial: Seven Quality Choicepoints of Action Research. You may also want to check out the publications referred to  in the video:

*Bradbury-Huang, H. (2014). Collaborative Selflessness. Journal Applied Behavioral Science. Volume 50 Issue 1 March 2014 pp. 53 – 77.

Bradbury-Huang, H. (2010) Sustainability by Collaboration. Organizational Dynamics, Volume 39, Issue 4, October–December 2010, Pages 335-344

Bradbury, H., and Lifvergren, S. (2016).  Action Research Healthcare: Focus on Patients, Improve Quality, Drive Down Costs. Healthcare Management Forum.

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