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AR+ Transformations – calling tribe around transformative education

Our beautiful Earth is becoming inhospitable to us.
How should educators, researchers, and knowledge creators respond to
this existential threat?

By accepting an unpalatable truth: our mainstream approach to learning, education, and research is actively co-producing the very opposite of what we need at this time of unsustainability.

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Bradbury, H., Waddell, S., O’ Brien, K., Apgar, M., Teehankee, B., & Fazey, I. (2019). A call to Action Research for Transformations: The times demand it.

DOI: Action Research17(1), 3-10

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An educators’ call to action

NOTE: this essay is also in Spanish translation, (many thanks to Dr. Lake Sagaris of U. Chile, Santiago) and is available at this link: Un llamado a la Investigación-Acción para la Transformación: los tiempos lo demandan.

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