Are you working at your developmental edge?

Finding your developmental edge

In the AR+ coLABs, we think it’s helpful to know – and support – others learning at their developmental edge!

In this video snippet Dana Carman, Alain Gauthier and Hilary Bradbury meet as a trio during their work of co-stewarding the coLAB on developmental leadership and eco-social crisis.  Each shares their developmental edge.

While it may not be easy to define where our edge is at first, familiarity with the inquiry over time helps us develop a more mature repertoire of choice when responding in a situation in which our power or safety is challenged. Familiarity lets us become more creative rather than staying reactive.  Others benefit from this new creativity too!  

Familiarity with your developmental edge also helps you see dominant patterns in sensemaking, the kind that show up across many contexts. Reflecting and talking with others about these kinds of patterns help us to work at our developmental edge – a space that can be growthful for self and others.

At AR+ we believe it’s important that more of us work at our edge given the call of our times. We encourage you to do something similar and hope this is example may be useful.  


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