Participatory Action with Refugees with Disabilities

Standard approaches to qualitative research often exclude persons with different types of disabilities. In 2013 and 2014, the Women’s Refugee Commission applied a participatory model to examine the intersections of sexual and reproductive health and disability in three refugee settings. Respecting the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and a rights-based framework to […]


Hermosa Vida and increasing connectedness through community health partnerships

colorful painting on side of a building in a children's style--children, flowers, sunshine

Partnerships with different organizations can be enticing when we — social justice activists and researchers – plan how to reduce inequality in health. Like many projects, Hermosa Vida, began with great enthusiasm as people from different agencies and communities conceived of a complicated plan in 2010. This plan involved the planting of seeds of engagement […]


Incremental transformation for poverty alleviation among rural women in Bangladesh

We discovered some key lessons for developmental practice through a transdisciplinary action-research project in with rural women in Bangladesh. We knew that short-term, linear, externally funded, project-based approaches to complex problems are often unsuccessful and so we had to take a different approach. What we found was that through our action research with Bangladeshi women […]

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